Diseased Society


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All disease has tendencies to shorten life expediencies
Surrounding our world in decay
Feel the effects day by day
This disease is extra sweet
Contagion borne on human feet
Infecting our communities
Destruction is a certainty

Band together to survive or build an empire, make it thrive
Soon the greed and envy come
Drives ambition, gets things done
Addicted to our little screens
Never noticing the screams
Of the child who lives next door
Fame is what we're waiting for
And still we struggle, through pros and cons of self-reliance
When progress stagnates, we get things moving with some violence…
or maybe a lot - YEAH!

Pushing people, clear a path
Transgressors always feel our wrath
Everyone must toe the line
It keeps moving all the time
Tell the joke and sell the lie
No intent to share the pie
Scared to death we won't fit in
Into a world that's steeped in sin
And when the end comes, we’ll see we cannot take things with us
All dust and ashes, our empty hands filled up with wishes...
consumed in the flames

Diseased society
History echoes
Diseased societies
Over and over


released November 6, 2016



all rights reserved


STRANG California

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